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2012-01-22 17:13:25 by scarletlion

So....after a long hiatus, I have triumphantly returned to Newgrounds! This means more browsing, more gaming, more listening, more watching, and possibly submitting! Yay! I missed this place, and I can't wait to get started again. That is all.


2008-11-07 19:46:09 by scarletlion

So I'm trying to get a soundtrack either made or just put together with random songs for my story. It pisses me off that I can't come up with a good melody for a song. But I guess we can't all be cut out for music. Writing is just what I do. I can't draw, so there goes flash portal. I'm really good at games, though! xD I just wish I could draw anime. Anime done right is sexeh. :D Anyways. Enough of me moping. I'm off to try and find some songs, damnit! <33333moi