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2008-11-07 19:46:09 by scarletlion

So I'm trying to get a soundtrack either made or just put together with random songs for my story. It pisses me off that I can't come up with a good melody for a song. But I guess we can't all be cut out for music. Writing is just what I do. I can't draw, so there goes flash portal. I'm really good at games, though! xD I just wish I could draw anime. Anime done right is sexeh. :D Anyways. Enough of me moping. I'm off to try and find some songs, damnit! <33333moi


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2008-11-08 12:59:02

Have you considered posting your stories on Devart?

scarletlion responds:

Actually, I have. I'm going to check it out later this week.


2009-07-26 11:44:58

What kind of stories do you write?


2010-03-14 01:04:50

Id be interested in trying out to be an illistraitor for you if I could see some of the stories. Even if its not a graphic novel id love to do anything to help more people in your position. PM me ?


2010-06-17 23:37:42

hey, you draw anime, that's awesome. i've got a part one of a novel somewhere on a USB key. if i send it to you, would you mind doing the artwork for it? i'm not sure if it's worthy to be published, i need some people that aren't cloe to me to tell me if it's any good. if it is and you're interested, i might just go and do a second part (out of five :O)
it's sincere, no omegle trolling


2010-06-17 23:39:15

oops, sry, i read can draw anime, sry ^^, still, i want to send the story to you if you don't mind, i need critiscm on how my writting is